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Our Story

Founded in 1995, Olive It, a family-owned business, began its journey by joining nearby Farmer's Markets to sell a variety of olives. Eventually, we started to take matters into our own hands to create a variety of olives that you don’t see here in mainstream markets. To achieve this, we wanted a permanent location for our customers to easily find us, which led us to a quaint space in Westchester. Having this extra space allowed customers to be able to come in to taste our delicious, well seasoned, and flavorful salads, sandwiches, and of course olives! We are a unique deli shop where you can find worthwhile foods that are filling, affordable, and customer service that exceeds the customer relationship expectations. Here at Olive It our customers can expect to be greeted by a warm and friendly face who is ready to take their order instantly. We also offer catering services for those who want to order a large number of our foods. As every item is cooked and filled with love to all of our customers who support us, we thank everyone by giving back to our community by donating gift cards and baskets to local schools and businesses. And Remember here at Olive It, you'll never forget to say I love it!


Mission & Values

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Our Mission Is...

To provide quality food at reasonable prices and to do it with great customer service.

Our Vision Is...

 To give everyone the opportunity to try a variety of olives along with fresh sandwiches and salads. 

Our Brand Values...


Fresh: Always making food daily with only the freshest ingredients 

Friendly Service: In order to make our customers feel happy and safe 

Local: To unite the community and the people living in it 

Quality: Making sure the food we provide is handled with care and leaves you with a smile on your face 

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